Top 11 3-D Video Devices

Top 11 3-D Video Devices
3-D technology is the Natalie Portman of the electronics world -- hip, super-desirable and seems to be everywhere. Having either of them in your man cave would score you serious style points with the boys. We can’t get you Natalie’s digits, but we can dial you in to the best new 3-D gadgets that will give your entertainment options new dimensions you never dreamed were possible.
Top 11 3-D Video Devices

New Blu

As more old 3-D movies get converted and more new ones are made, it makes sense to maximize your home-theatre capabilities with the new Samsung BD-C6900 Blu-ray Player. Sure, it can facilitate 3-D flicks on TV and DVD, but it also offers wireless capabilities to capture a vast universe of 3-D Internet offerings.

Cost: $269.95

Top 11 3-D Video Devices

The Laptop of Luxury

The Sony VAIO VPCF215FX 3-D laptop with a 16-inch screen takes your eyeballs into an immersive and incredibly realistic viewing experience. Powered with full LCD technology, this 3-D notebook delivers high-contrast levels and vibrant colors, along with a built-in 3-D sync transmitter. It also comes with a pair of 3-D glasses to view movies, photos and videos in a 1080p HD picture.

Cost: $1,799.99

Top 11 3-D Video Devices


With the T-Mobile G-Slate tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy 3-D entertainment wherever you go. The 4G Android 3.0-powered tablet features an 8.9-inch screen and a 5.0 megapixel camera, which allow you to record and watch 3-D and HD video -- without glasses. Once this is released later this year, you’ll never get your work done!

Cost: $529.99
Top 11 3-D Video Devices

Screen Play

Who needs sticky floors and stale popcorn when you can have a film festival in your own living room? Panasonic’s new Viera TC-P54VT25 3-D TV has a 54-inch screen that showcases a 120-frame-per-second output. It also provides Internet access and comes with glasses. You’ll never leave home again! Cost: $2,499.95

Top 11 3-D Video Devices

New Game of the Gods

“Thor: God of Thunder,” comes out on May 3 in conjunction with the big-action movie. You’ll feel God-like as you pound 3-D demons all around Asgard with a magic hammer, lightning bolts, thunder and an adorable pair of wings on your rakish metal hat -- all with stereoscopic 3-D visuals that are available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS platforms.

Cost: $19.99

Top 11 3-D Video Devices

View to a Thrill

What you see really is what you get with the Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W3 camera. It comes with a complimentary pair of glasses, and it shoots 3-D videos and still photos, which can be played back instantly on its 3.5-inch viewing screen or on your home TV set.

Cost: $367.69

Top 11 3-D Video Devices

Extra-sensory Participation

Enjoy vivid and lifelike glasses-free gaming action with the stereoscopic 3-D effects of Nintendo’s 3DS. It offers unprecedented space and depth, a control pad that provides 360-degree views, and a motion and gyro sensor that reacts to the movements and tilt of the system.

Cost: $249.99

Top 11 3-D Video Devices

Moving Pictures

The ViewSonic picture frame converts and displays your 2-D photos in 3-D. It offers an intuitive user interface and a hidden touch control panel that allows you to create various slideshows and play 3-D videos. So you can stare lovingly at your girlfriend’s picture when she’s watching you … then switch to Avatar when she splits.

Cost: $149.00

Top 11 3-D Video Devices

Spec-tacular Views

These stylish, state-of-the-art XPAND X103 3-D glasses offer the latest viewing technology and universal compatibility with virtually any TV, gaming or video units. They also come in 12 different colors. So if you have a valid excuse for not buying them, we’d like to hear it.

Cost: $99.99

Top 11 3-D Video Devices

Tee Time

OK, so the Sonocaddie Golf GPS V300 can’t guarantee to get you on the green in two shots, but this handheld device does track your shot history and measure your drives. It also features a yardage guide with full-color 3-D course layouts so you can get a perfect look at what lies ahead -- unless you’re hitting into a global economic forecast.

Cost: $253.49

Top 11 3-D Video Devices

3-D Cell-abration

LG’s soon-to-be-released Thrill 4G smartphone doesn’t require glasses for its 720p 3-D video playback and 32 GB internal memory capability. The 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen offers HD playback with an impressive 480 x 800 pixel resolution. This will also be the first cell phone to support the YouTube 3-D mobile platform. The good news? It also has call waiting!

Cost: TBD

Craig Tomashoff is the former West Coast editor of TV Guide who simply refused to be boxed in by two-dimensional entertainment.