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My hairline is starting to recede. I’m not quite ready to shave it all off. What are my other options?

My hairline is starting to recede. I’m not quite ready to shave it all off. What are my other options?

If you've got a patch of hair in the front, you have a couple of options besides shaving your head: You can keep it short like David Letterman, or you can grow it out. Guys like Jack Nicholson and James Taylor throw caution to the wind and just keep the sides and back long. But it takes confidence.

If your hair is not receding too deeply, you can comb it forward like Jude Law. You don't want it to look plastered with product, though -- just cover the dent with a loose fringe where the hairline begins.

The comb-over isn't a terrible option for the guy with thinning hair, as it can be slightly concealed, but stringy hair over a shiny bald head looks bad. If you have skin on the top and hair on the sides, don't go down that road.

One popular solution to fill in those sparse patches is Topix, a waterproof product that comes in a powder or a spray and is available in different colors. Celebrities have used it onscreen and off for years. It doesn't work on bald heads, but if you've got something to build on, it's perfect -- and the naked eye could never tell. Bumble and Bumble also makes hair powder in colors.

If you still have a full head of hair that's starting to thin, try Thinley Hair dry shampoo. This product prevents the hair from having that greasy, molded look that can make your hair appear even thinner than it is. Simply sprinkle it into a brush and it fills in the hair to give it a little texture.

If you want to add volume, use the cool setting on a blow-dryer, lift the hair with a brush to puff it up, and spray with a product like Elnett, a matte spray that you can run a brush through. Don’t use aerosol sprays.

Finally, if you're prepared to spend, Rogaine works. And if you're prepared to spend a lot, Bosley is fantastic for receding hair.

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Mike Potter has done hair and makeup for the film, fashion and advertising industries for 20 years. He's worked with Sean Penn, Paul Giamatti, Steven Tyler and Peter Fonda, among many others. He also launched Knock Out Cosmetics.

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