Six Tips for Sporting Denim This Spring

Six Tips for Sporting Denim This Spring

Denim is the Jay Leno of fabrics: omnipresent, comfortable and palatable to practically any demographic -- provided you’ve picked the right pieces for your frame and desired image.

Constance Dunn, fashion stylist and blogger of, recommends spending time in a fine department store or a high-end men’s boutique looking at the difference between casual daily jeans and higher-end denim. Examine the difference in silhouettes, fabric, construction and hardware. Then, be prepared to spend more on dress denim than your default dungarees. The payout will have a definite payoff … in a more tailored and sophisticated look.

Here are Dunn’s tips on getting the right wash, cut and denim-on-denim combos:

The Right Wash:

  • Stick with lightweight fabrics and lighter hues to be both comfortable and adaptable to any occasion. Choose nubby, linen-textured finishes -- think Ralph Lauren or Tommy Bahama. But avoid acid wash like Milli Vanilli. It’s dated and only considered fashionable at low-end bowling tournaments.

The Right Cut:

  • Get a more polished look by selecting a high-end fabric sheen pant with a leaner silhouette throughout the seat and leg, like styles from Michael Kors or John Varvatos.
  • Steer clear of skinny jeans. They’ve been popular for the last few seasons, but it’s not easy to look good in them -- unless you are very thin and going for a mod look. Otherwise, they amplify the keg-on-legs body silhouette.
  • Coordinate pieces with a consistent cut and style. For instance, if the jeans you are wearing have a lean leg silhouette and are made in a lightweight, draped fabric, don’t pair them with a starchy, oversized denim shirt or heavyweight denim jacket.

The Right Look:

  • Don’t overdo the denim. Too much denim in any outfit will leave you looking like an escaped con from a prison work farm. Only match blue jeans with a blue denim shirt or jacket when there’s a definite difference in the items being paired. Look for contrast in terms of color, material weight and finish. Think fitted, crisp blue denim jeans with a relaxed, lightweight and lighter-color denim button shirt in cream. Or, pair a smart, nubby-textured navy denim jacket with a matching navy T-shirt, then add some nice gray trousers.
  • Accessorize appropriately by pairing relaxed -- but well-fitting -- denim with a nice pair of dress shoes and a coordinated belt. Just don’t let worlds collide between your ankles and waist: no clunky western belts worn with sleek English brogues.

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