Body-wash Breakthroughs

Body-wash Breakthroughs

Seeking the best body wash for men? Suds up your search with these tidy tips to help you select the freshest body wash on the shelves.

Check ingredients. Mixed in among the surfactants, colorants, preservatives, whitening agents, processing aids, fillers, fragrances and lather boosters, there lurks some cleaning agent your skin is allergic to. To be safe, experts recommend picking those that offer the most natural ingredients.

Avoid the aromatic “knockout punch” -- a strong-scented body wash that will overwhelm you or get into a smelly smackdown with your cologne. After all, body wash should be used more for cleaning and less for deodorant.

Look for high lather and hydration. Skin hydrators, such as petrolatum, will help lock moisture in the skin.

Get fancy. For more white-collar types, Travertine Spa is one company that takes body wash to the next level. Their Tea Tree Body Wash will summon your inner Australian Aborigine. They developed and utilized this camphoric oil for centuries because of its antibacterial and therapeutic properties.

The Aztecs, East Indians, and Polynesians, on the other hand, prized tuberose oil -- one of the most expensive rose attars -- for its allegedly aphrodisiacal fragrance. Often a rich top-note in designer colognes, tuberose offers a subtle floral scent. Terranova makes several hydrating body washes with this sexy stuff.

Get a combo-clean. For more outdoorsy dudes, the new Active 3 Sport from Nivea is a combination of moisturizing shampoo and foaming shave-gel. Using micro-technology, the revitalizing gel gathers into foam that cleans the body and hair, allowing for a clean shave. In short, it lets you get more done in the shower -- which we endorse because we’re tired of waiting our turn.

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