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How do I tie a winter scarf?

How do I tie a winter scarf?

Nobody can tie a scarf-knot like I do. I taught the stylists at Ralph Lauren how to do it for their mannequins, and now I’m teaching you. You're going to need an average-length scarf, approximately 6 feet long. Here’s how to do it:

1. Drape the scarf around your neck, with the left side hanging longer than the right.


2. Hold the right side out in front of you with your right hand, index finger pointing toward the sky.

3. With your left hand, loop the left end of the scarf clockwise around the extended finger on your right hand.

4. Take the same end and wrap it around the back of your neck.

5. Push the left end that you’ve just wrapped around your neck down through the

6. Now pull it down and out, letting it drape over your right forearm and still holding the right side within your right fist.

7. With your right hand, take the right side that's in your fist and push that up through the bottom of the loop in front of you. Pull the end out through the top. 

8. Tighten and adjust until the knot is even, and you have three rings of a pretzel.

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Greg Chapman is the creative director of Schott NYC. He's worked for menswear brands -- including Urban Outfitters, Fred Perry and Duffer St. George -- for 23 years.

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