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I’d like my sneakers to reflect my personality. What are the options for customizing my kicks?

I’d like my sneakers to reflect my personality. What are the options for customizing my kicks?

In this age of globalization and homogenization -- i.e., my mall’s bigger than your mall! -- unique, custom-designed sneakers let you stand out from the crowd. All you need is imagination (and a little cash, of course) to express your individualism.

NIKEiD lets you start with basic styles for running, soccer, football and basketball, priced from $195 to $245 (including customization). Get inspired by other dudes’ designs, or click “Start blank” and go wild with color options for every part of the shoe. You can even put your name on the heel and get a tattoo-like ID for some tongue tops.

Mi Adidas offers sneakers for basketball, soccer, running, tennis, golf and just looking cool (aka “casual”), priced from $85 to $270 (customization is free). Check out the 78 different styles featured, or get to work on creating your own, from adding your country’s flag all the way down to different sizes and widths for each shoe.

If you want to step up your game, Pimp My Kicks will put Justin Bieber’s likeness on a pair of Nike, Adidas or Converse sneakers … if that’s what you’re into. For $250 to $300, they’ll pretty much put anything you want on a pair of shoes.

Let’s say you want your own classic shoes tweaked by the guy who painted sneakers for Jay-Z and Pharrell. Are you asking too much? Not if you’re asking JGoods. This is for serious sneaker freaks only; saying “Yes” to everything on their list of options can add up to $1,245.00. Talk about kick-ching.

If that makes generic skips sound good, there’s always the DIY option. JGoods has a home kit for just $45, and Sneaker Freaker Magazine shows you how to paint shoes that’ll make your friends turn a customized shade of envy green.

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