Guns N‘ Roses Stylist Dishes Facial Hair Tips

Guns N‘ Roses Stylist Dishes Facial Hair Tips

Rock ‘n’ roll has changed the face of music, and its facial fur has often changed the look of millions of men who listen to it. Case in point: Here are three stage-born styles that still rock on.

Elvis Presley Sideburns

“Chops are back,” says Matthew Preece, owner of the Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica, whose clients include Sex Pistols axe man Steve Jones and the high-caliber hairballs of Guns N‘ Roses. “The King may be dead, but the rebellion in those sideburns still lives. And men love that association.”

Jim Morrison’s Mountain-man Beard

The strung-out, psychedelic sexiness of the ’60s acid rock scene -- first popularized by Jim Morrison -- sent thousands of space cowboys searching for a way to make a statement with their crumb-catchers. As seen more recently on the Black Crowes’ Chris Robinson, the grizzly beard has returned among men searching for a rugged outdoors look that’s also fit for the city. “The full-face beard has resurfaced,” says Preece. “It’s a badge of independence; but men are wearing it now with a cleaner edge, clipping it at the cheeks every two days and balancing it with snappy clothes.”

George Michael’s Three-day Shadow

Even more prevalent today is the three-day shadow we first saw on George Michael in the ’80s. It sprouted new life in the Keith Urban look: a clipped scruff popular among the self-employed … or those who wish they were. “George Michael is back,” says Preece. “It’s predominant in that ‘indie’ look among guys who work on their own terms, but it’s a tough look to maintain. Find an electric shaver you like and stick to it, and remember -- any beard that looks like it’s too perfectly groomed is out of style."

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